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Pet Hotels of America                                          

Pet Hotels of America

Pet Hotels of America–the one-stop travel website for pet owners.

We are pet travel experts! Our goal is to make travel easy for pet owners, whether traveling with or without pets. In two easy steps, you can plan a long vacation or simply a day with your pet in any U.S. city.

Traveling in America

Reserving a hotel room at Pet Hotels of America is easy. We offer 25,000 pet-friendly hotels in America representing 1,300 brands–Marriott, Aramark, Turmp Collection, Best Western, Grand Heritage, Hyatt, Red Lion and The Sutton Place Hotels to name a few. Because of our great relationships with our hotels, we offer pet owners special rates, spectacular sales, and often such extras as a free buffet breakfast, Starbucks gift card or other creative niceties as a way of showing our appreciation for making Pet Hotels of America your one-stop pet friendly travel planning website.

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